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Writing Boot Camp


Learn How to Create Measurable Communications Programs That Drive the Bottom Line

Your greatest challenge as a communicator is to prove the value of your traditional and digital PR programs to your organization’s bottom line. That’s why PR News has established its industry-leading PR Measurement Conference—to show you how to focus on measurable media relations, social media and reputation-enhancing programs that have clear and positive effects on the future of your brand or organization.

Join PR News on November 20, 2014, at its PR Measurement Conference at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, where you’ll get the latest best practices in PR measurement, real-world case studies of successful measurement strategies and interactive learning.

You can also register for PR News’ PR Writing Boot Camp, which is the day before the Measurement Conference on November 19, also at Hyatt Regency Chicago.


You’ll Become An Expert In:

Tying PR to the Bottom Line

Measuring Social Media Engagement

Reporting PR Outcomes to Senior Leaders

The State of PR Measurement Standards

Using Data to Improve Your Effectiveness as a Communicator

You’ll take away practical knowledge on how to:

  • Identify metrics that tell the story of how your PR campaigns connect with organizational goals
  • Use the key performance indicators that matter most to management
  • Create measurement scorecards that translate dashboard output into easily digestible information
  • Identify next steps for a communications campaign based upon interpretation of tracking data
  • Measure different kinds of social media engagement
  • Select tools to manage your data
  • Clearly define the role of PR in sales and other key organizational benchmarks versus that of other marketing disciplines
  • Establish baselines and set targets that are in line with your company goals
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